Occupy Central


Photo from Finance Asia.com

Last week, hundreds of people gathered in Admiralty, Mon Kok, and Causeway Bay to protest. These protests are for democracy. They don’t like how Hong Kong is ruled and want CY Leung to step down and for the candidates of elections not to be pre selected. A lot of the protestors are local students who want a better and peaceful future. I think it is great that people are worried about the future of Hong Kong, but I also think it is a pain for the roads to be closed. I makes it harder for people living here to get around, and makes it hard for people to get to work. I also do not agree with the fact that the police are pepper spraying and tear gassing their own citizens. This is common in other protests, but this is a peaceful protest. There is not suposed to me any harm caused to police or civilians. I don’t understand why they feel the need to do this. I know they are just trying to get the people to move and stop getting over the barriers, but they could vocally threaten or use less harmful ways of doing this. There is no reason to be violent, as this could cause the people to fight back.