SS Unit One Reflection

Bartolome De Las Casas Badge

“Bartolomé De Las Casas.” Bartolomé De Las Casas. Wikipedia, n.d. Web. 

Bartolome de las casas was a spanish explorer who fought to free Native American slaves.


In this unit, unit one of the TCI textbook, we learned about mapping and geography. We learned about basic features in a map, like a compass rose, key, and title. We also learned about types of map projections,

On the survey, it asked what we enjoyed most about the unit, and I answered the current events game becuase it is really fun and competitive. I feel like I learn better in a competitive environment, even though that sound weird  It is aslo really fun and is almost a break from “boring” classwork.

I was awarded the Bartolome De Casas badge in the bronze tear, and I completely agree with his choice. I think I need to work on my work habits and maybe study a tiny bit harder for tests, but overall i think im doing okay. Bartolome was the badge after the first, and I think that the description is exactly what I thought about my work in class.

One learning strategy that didn’t work last unit was sitting with my friends. We were able to choose our own seats at first, and I made poor choices by sitting with people I like to talk with. This significantly lowered my work habits because I was talking and not paying attention. I think I am doing much better because of the new seating arrangement and think I will be able to improve my work habits.

My goal is to not talk to people by sitting far away from my friends and consulting Mr. Pierce if I am placed with someone I can’t work with. Seeing my work habits kind of opened my eyes and made me realize I need to work harder at keeping focused. I

Weekly Reflection

  • What were some of the  important learnings that you remember from last week? Give examples or how you learned them if you can.
I remember the science lab about density because it was really fun and interesting. We did experiments and did displacement to find the density of different objects. I also remember in LA we were reading a book about where what you were was made. The book takes you on a journey to where the material was made to make a red fleece.
  • If you could tell someone who is not at this school something about your learning what would it be?
That displacement was actually discovered by accident in ancient Greece. The King wanted to know if the gold grown he bought from a seller was pure gold, but did not know how to tell. So he asked a scientist in the town and he did not know. But that night he took a bath, but when he got in, it overflowed. He then realised the amount of water that overflowed was the mass of him. So he did the same with the crown, and the seller had put a bit of silver and cheated the King.
  • What are some questions that you still have from these learnings last week?
I have a question about how the Red Fleece book started because I was absent on the first two days of school. I want to know were the material was harvested.
  • What goals do you have this week?

My goal this week is to listen more intently while my teacher is reading the red fleece book because I was not really litening too well on Wednesday.