Competence Unit

Schoolhouse Rock- The Preamble

Overall, I think I did well on this unit. However, if I were to do this unit again, for the PSA I should have tried to get an exceeding, and for the TCI tests I would learn and practice how to make my essays more engaging so I could get an EE in essay communication. Next time there is a test, I will prepare by using my notes to study, and by practicing writing the essay (if there is an essay question). While taking notes for chapter six, I only took notes on the main information, and I got all MEs.

This strategy worked, but for the next three chapters, I also took notes on the details. For these tests, I got an EE for essay knowledge. I feel a lot more competent than I did at the start of the unit. Before, I used to not get any EEs, Now, I know that I have the ability to get EEs. Some advice I have for the students next year is to learn how to take notes properly.

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