SML Reflection

My topic is baking chocolate banana flavored cupcakes.I decided to make chocolate banana cupcakes for my SML because chocolate banana is my favorite flavor of cupcakes from sift (cupcake shop.) They are $28 HKD per cupcake. I wanted to make my own cupcakes hoping that they would be cheaper. When I tried my first recipe, they rose too much in the oven. Also, they were too hard, but they tasted good. I figured out what was wrong and overcame this challenge by asking the experts what I should do. They gave me some great advice that helped me a lot. My project has stayed the same the whole time. This was my first idea for a project and it hasn’t changed since. This is because this topic really interests me and I didn’t want to change it. I am proud of my progress. I have already tried out a couple of recipes and I have also started working on my poster for my presentation. I do not feel very creative while doing SML. This is because my project is baking so most of my class time goes into researching. I do not feel creative because instead of coming up with my own ideas, I have to research other people’s. I learned that I work best when I’m actually physically doing something, rather than just researching or typing on a computer. 

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