End of Year Playlist (2015-16)

“When We Were Young” by Adele

This song talks about how people change as they grow older, and how you should value your childhood. This taught me to value my time in middle school, because I will never get this experience again.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty-one Pilots, from “Blurryface”

This song is about growing older and having more responsibilities. I have enjoyed most of my time here at the middle school, but there have been times I have been stressed about homework, projects, etc. The song says, “Wish we could turn back time…” However, I don’t agree with this statement. Although I have had some great memories in the past, I am glad that I am where I am now, and I would not want to go back even if I had the chance.

“Lush Life” by Zara Larsson

This song is about “living the day as if it was the last,” and about how everyone should live life to the fullest. This song showed my that there are times where you have to study and do work, but you should also have fun.

“7 Years” by Lukas Graham, from “Lukas Graham”

This song is about someone growing up. From this song, I learned that you should always be happy and you should live life to the fullest because when you are old, you will not get the chance to do many things.

“What Time Is It” by High School Musical Cast, from “High School Musical 2”

This song is about school coming to a close, and the start of summer. With the start of summer so close, the pressure of school is starting to go away and everyone is feeling a lot happier.

“Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers and Daya

This song reminds me that the pressure of not letting parents, teachers, etc. is off as school is coming to a close.


SML Reflection

My topic is baking chocolate banana flavored cupcakes.I decided to make chocolate banana cupcakes for my SML because chocolate banana is my favorite flavor of cupcakes from sift (cupcake shop.) They are $28 HKD per cupcake. I wanted to make my own cupcakes hoping that they would be cheaper. When I tried my first recipe, they rose too much in the oven. Also, they were too hard, but they tasted good. I figured out what was wrong and overcame this challenge by asking the experts what I should do. They gave me some great advice that helped me a lot. My project has stayed the same the whole time. This was my first idea for a project and it hasn’t changed since. This is because this topic really interests me and I didn’t want to change it. I am proud of my progress. I have already tried out a couple of recipes and I have also started working on my poster for my presentation. I do not feel very creative while doing SML. This is because my project is baking so most of my class time goes into researching. I do not feel creative because instead of coming up with my own ideas, I have to research other people’s. I learned that I work best when I’m actually physically doing something, rather than just researching or typing on a computer. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.59.16 pm

Competence Unit

Schoolhouse Rock- The Preamble

Overall, I think I did well on this unit. However, if I were to do this unit again, for the PSA I should have tried to get an exceeding, and for the TCI tests I would learn and practice how to make my essays more engaging so I could get an EE in essay communication. Next time there is a test, I will prepare by using my notes to study, and by practicing writing the essay (if there is an essay question). While taking notes for chapter six, I only took notes on the main information, and I got all MEs.

This strategy worked, but for the next three chapters, I also took notes on the details. For these tests, I got an EE for essay knowledge. I feel a lot more competent than I did at the start of the unit. Before, I used to not get any EEs, Now, I know that I have the ability to get EEs. Some advice I have for the students next year is to learn how to take notes properly.

Spring 2016 Parent Teacher Conferences

Photo on 10-3-16 at 4.29 pm

During my conference, we discussed my strengths, challenges and how I will improve. Since I have difficulty with grammar, reading, reading comprehension, grammar and speaking I have set gaols for myself. I will read a non fiction book for every fiction book. I will also aim to finish a book every 1-2 weeks. I will practice NewsEla and NoRedInk at home for extra practice. I will also practice my speaking at home, especially before presenting in front of large groups. We also discussed that I need to participate more in class, so I am trying to do that more often.

Book Club

Overall, I talked a decent amount, and listened to everyone. However, I think I could have spoken more clearly and a little louder. I think I contributed enough, but sometimes I interrupted other people. I think I was prepared and read all the required chapters, so overall I feel I did fairly well.


I think my conversation skills improved from the last Book Club Meeting. I was well prepared with all my notes and I felt I contributed a lot more than last time. Although I still could have talked louder and clearer, overall I think my conversation skills have improved.



虽然我和我的家人是印度人, 但是我们庆祝圣诞节。我从小就的时候,我住在和生长在美国所以我非常喜欢圣诞节。我搬家去香港的时候, 我对很多中国节日越来越熟悉。可是即使我庆祝别的节日,我还庆祝圣诞节。我想念美国的天气,可是我也喜欢香港。

寒假的时候,我和我的家人不是去印度看我的亲戚, 就是他们来香港。飞行时间不长因为我们都住在亚洲。可是我的舅舅住在美洲,所以暑假的时候我们去美国。去年寒假,我的亲戚来香港平安夜前九天。我们吃有的美国餐有的中国餐,可是所有的餐有很多风味。星期二,我跟爸爸一起去买了圣诞树。然后我们把所有的礼物在圣诞树下边。我们还装饰圣诞树。那天晚上,在圣诞树前我们拍了张照片。我的表哥和表姐是双胞胎, 而且他们的生日是十二月二十四日所以我们一边庆祝他们的生日,一边庆祝平安夜。那晚,我的妈妈准备 新鲜和地道的家常菜。到了八点,大家坐在饭桌吃饭。我们吃印度餐,比如说米饭,印度咖喱和鸡鸭鱼肉。我有点挑食,可是我一开始吃美食就非常爱吃。因为我们然后看一个圣诞节电影,所以我们很晚才睡觉。


在圣诞节早上我醒得很晚。我十一点起床。早饭我们吃西红柿炒鸡蛋。我的爸爸布置很大的圣诞节午饭。我们吃各式各样的 西餐,比如说沙拉,炒青菜,烤火鸡,土豆泥,等等。晚饭我们不但吃各式各样的快餐比如说汉堡包和热狗而且我们还吃披萨饼。我觉得这是我们新的自己的传统。这个圣诞季节很难忘。虽然我比较喜欢在美国的圣诞节,可是我也喜欢在香港和印度的圣诞节。今年圣诞节我会从香港去到印度,我很兴奋!


LA Goals Grade 8

Reading Goal

Before the end of quarter two, I will read consistently 6 days a week to reach 8 books. This will be recorded on my reading log and I will also write down how much I have read every day  in my planner.

Writing Goal

By the end of quarter two I will use new vocabulary from my word wall and put it in my writing. I will know I have done this because I will bold or highlight the words in my writing.


Goals Presentation

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.29 pm #2

I should have been more confident and I should have had more eye contact



February 18, 2016

Approaches to Learning

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Quarter 4 Goals


I will finish one book every 1-2 weeks alternating between fiction and non-fiction. The evidence will be in my reading log.


I will use at least two vocabulary words from my word wall for each writing piece that I write. In each writing piece, I will highlight or underline the vocabulary words I have been using.


Quarter Four Goals Presentation

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Quarter 4 Approaches to Learning

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