Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

The Penguin’s main idea is that he should run the city, not Batman. His reasons are that Batman is bad and he is good.

He supports the idea that Batman is bad because he wears a mask, he conceals his past and whenever you see him he’s with criminals. He supports the idea that he is good because The Penguin is always surrounded by police ad good people.

Batman had said, “My fellow citizens, let me began by pointing out some inconsistencies…”

I find it unfair how The Penguin gets to start the debate because Batman is left defending himself but if Batman started the debate The Penguin would be left defending himself. Also, it is unfair how The Penguin cheated by not letting But it is fair how there’s a judge who not on either side and let’s both sides speak.

The Penguin spoke the most and although he was not rude he said no mud slinging but he did exactly that. I think Batman had the best manner because even though he disagreed with The Penguin he was calm and respectful.