Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

The Penguin’s main idea is that he should run the city, not Batman. His reasons are that Batman is bad and he is good.

He supports the idea that Batman is bad because he wears a mask, he conceals his past and whenever you see him he’s with criminals. He supports the idea that he is good because The Penguin is always surrounded by police ad good people.

Batman had said, “My fellow citizens, let me began by pointing out some inconsistencies…”

I find it unfair how The Penguin gets to start the debate because Batman is left defending himself but if Batman started the debate The Penguin would be left defending himself. Also, it is unfair how The Penguin cheated by not letting But it is fair how there’s a judge who not on either side and let’s both sides speak.

The Penguin spoke the most and although he was not rude he said no mud slinging but he did exactly that. I think Batman had the best manner because even though he disagreed with The Penguin he was calm and respectful.

ELog #1: Number the Stars

Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry


Retell: Ten year old Annemarie Johanson and her family are the average Danish family living during the War. But her best friend Ellen Rosen is Jewish so when the Nazis took over, Ellen has to pretend to be part of Annemarie’s family, she pretends to be Lise, Annemarie’s sister who died. The Nazis come and they don’t find anything so they go to Annemarie’s Uncle Henrik’s house. Peter, the boy who was going to get married to Lise, cam during the night with some more Jewish families. In the night, they go to Henrik’s boat because Sweden, the country free of Nazis was right across the water. Mr. Rosen was supposed to deliver a package to Henrik but didn’t get to so Annemarie did instead. Inside was a hankerchief that stopped the Nazis dogs from smelling the Jews. In the end they got safley to Sweden and Annemarie and her family went home, but Peter got killed and the War ended.

Relate: During my research I found that Sweden was a neutral country during the war, and that out of 8000 Danish Jews, only 150 were caught by the Nazis. Danish people saved the most Jews and treated them as equals. Also in a book I read that not only did Danes keep the Jews safe, but also did they keep their property safe. Annemarie kept Ellen’s necklace with David’s star on it.

Reflect: I think they should have made another book about after the war because that is also a very important time in history as well. They should have let Annemarie meet Ellen again too. But I didn’t like the book too much because the back says that Annemarie does sometihng very brave, and that got me really excited to read the book. But after I read it, to me nothing she did was that brave.

Heat Transfer

Metals are good conductors of heat because the atoms in metal have free electrons whizzing about outside atoms. Suppose the bottom of two spoons touch hot water(one plastic, one metal.) The metal one would heat up much faster because once the free electrons became hot, they would whiz aroud a little faster. Every time a hot electron bounced off of an atom, that atom would vibrate a little quicker, heating up. Good conductor means it can conduct heat fast. Conduction is related to a state of matter because conduction is how the heat transfers through objects and in the states of matter unit we learned and did experiments about the molecules speeding up.

Hot water and air rises because of the Principal of Buoyancy. When water or air heats, the molecules move quicker and spread out making it less dense. When it is less dense, it rises up. Higher up it cool, making it more dense so it would go down again. When this happens again and again it is the Principal of Buoyancy. This relates to the states of matter unit because during our experiments we realized that the water followed the Principal of Buoyancy when things floated.

Thermal Radiation can be transfered from a campfire to a human by energy waves through air or even empty space. When the waves reach the person, it heats up the molecules making them vibrate a little faster making you feel hot. This relates to the States of matter unit because when we heated water or any liquid and we put our hands over it, we could feel the heat.

Paint Chip Poem

Arizona Sunset, Burnt Red and Rise N Shine are the colors of the autumn leaves of my backyard.

I remember hiding in the leaves. I remember the millions and trillions of hide and seek games with my sister.

And how it felt to have the temptation to scream out to the world where I was.

I can still hear the rustling of the leaves and my sister’s voice counting down from ten.

I can still se the sun shining down on me and the slight breeze on my cheeks.

I miss the fun and the laughs.

Arizona Sunset, Burnt Red and Rise N Shine are the colors of the autumn leaves of my backyard.

The Water Cycle

This is a diagram of the Water Cycle. The energy source comes from the sun and goes to the water sources, causing them to evaporate. The water comes from oceans, run offs(water that runs off from mountains and hills), lakes, ground water, persperation, urination and seas. The water first evaporates because of the energy source. When the water vapor (gas) gets to the sky it forms a cloud and turns back to liquid because its colder higher up in the atmosphere. When it gets too heavy for the cloud, it rains – or precipitates. It can take different forms while precipitaing like rain, snow, hail or sleet. The water then falls back down to where it came from and the cycle starts all over again.