Grade 8 Writing

Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.31 pm Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.32 pm Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.33 pm   I think I did good overall, but I think I should have checked my piece over again for capitalization errors and I need to check how I am indenting my paragraphs when someone is talking.   Writing Formative Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.08 pm #3 Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.10 pm Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.10 pm #2       Quizlet #5 Photo on 5-11-15 at 2.16 pm #2 Photo on 5-11-15 at 2.16 pm     Writing Formative November 24 Photo on 26-11-15 at 2.42 pm Photo on 26-11-15 at 2.43 pm



Persuasive Essay Summative

I am happy with my work overall I could have tried to get an EE by adding more information. Inside the essay I did not cite my sources correctly so I should work on that too.

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Literary Techniques Assignment


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Everything Has Its Cost Summaries

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Summative Essay: Literary Devices in The Outsiders

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Overall, I think I did well on this assessment. I had a good hook and introduction, I organised my information well, and I used transitions effectively. However, my conclusion could have been stronger, I had a few spelling errors, and I forgot to add citations.


May 20, 2016 – Modern Macbeth in Texting

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Double Entry Journal May 31

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Macbeth Witches Compare/Contrast BrainFrame

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Word Wall

The Scorch Trials by James Dasher

Blissful – Total happiness

Void – Not containing anything

Anguish – Extreme suffering

Engulfed – To cover someone or something

Tremulous – Feeling a lack of courage

Avail – To be helpful to someone or something

Jangle – To make a harsh ringing sound

Quaver – To make a sound with your voice in an unsteady way due to nervousness

Illuminate – Brightened with light

Callous – Not showing any concern for suffering of others

Conciliatory – To make someone less angry

Fleeting – Lasting for a short time

Torrential – Coming in a big, fast stream

Monumental – To be very significant

Belligerence – An aggressive attitude

Blaring – To make a loud and unpleasant sound

Ferocity – A fierce quality

Swath – A long, wide strip of land

Starkly – To have a cold and empty appearance

Listless – Lacking energy or spirit

Implement – An object used to do work

Meticulously – A very accurate and careful way of doing something

Subsequent – To have something happen after something else

Opaque – Something that is not transparent and doesn’t let light through

Indecipherable – Impossible to read or understand

Retrospect – A review on past events

Convulsed – To affect someone or something suddenly and violently

Permeated – To pass through something

Coalescing – To come together to form one group or mass

Siphon – A bent tube used to move liquid from one container to another

Detonated – To have caused something to explode

Amoebas – A living that has only one cell

Riveted – A kind of bolt or pin used to hold pieces of metal together

Torrents – A large amount of something released suddenly

Deluge – A large amount of things that come at the same time

Blasphemy – Disrespect shown to God or to something holy

Cavalier – A soldier riding a horse

Cinch – Something that is easy to do

Mirth – Happiness and laughter

Dilapidated – In very bad condition

Pragmatic – Dealing with problems that have a specific answer instead of theorizing

Flipped by Wendell Van Draanen

Dissertation – A long piece of writing that is done to get an advanced degree at an university

Rivaled – A person or thing that tries to be more successful than another

Birch – A type of tree that has bark that can be pulled off easily

Scourge – Someone or something that causes much trouble or pain

Channelled – to direct toward

Aesthetic – pertaining to a sense of beautiful

Foliage – the leaves of a plant

Throttle – a lever, pedal or handle

Miffed – put into an irritable mood

Unsolicited – given without being asked for

Derailleur – a gear-shifting mechanism on a bicycle that shifts the drive chain from one sprocket wheel to the other.

Encroach – to advance beyond proper, established or usual limits

Deteriorating – to make or become worse

Callused – Hardened or thickened part of the skin

Ornery – ugly or unpleasant in disposition or temper

Neoprene – an oil-resistant synthetic rubber

Fluctuations – continual change from one point or condition to another

Chromosome- any of several threadlike bodies, consisting of chromatin, that carry the genes in a linear order

Iridescent – displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow

Beacon – a guiding or warning signal, as a light or fire especially one in an elevated position

Tranquil – free from commotion or tumult; quiet; calm

Convoluted – twisted; coiled; complicated 

Imminent – likely to occur at any moment; impending

Glutting – to feel or fill to excess; to choke up; to flood

Pungent – sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell

Tremors – involuntary shaking of the body or limbs as from disease, fear or weakness or excitement; vibrations

Rendition – an interpretation; a translation, the act of rendering

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Bedouin – Nomadic Arabs who live in the desert

Strenuous – A vigorous, or energetic action

Acquit – To be relieved from a charge of crime, or to be declared not guilty

Cleaving – To remain faithful

Summing – To be adding two or more quantities

Lax – Not strict or severe, very lenient

Dividends – A sum out of an insolvent estate paid to creditors

Gait – Walking, Stepping or running

Jetty – A landing pier

Togged – A coat

Impromptu – Having done something without previous preparation

Purported – Claimed

Verisimilitude – Probability or truth

Credentials – Gives authority in written form

Epistolary – relating to the action of writing letters

Dissentient – An opposition to an official idea

Brusquely – To do or say something offhand

Rheumatic – Relating to rheumatism

Vehement – Showing a strong feeling

Tabulate – To arrange information in a tabular form

Meagre – Lacking quantity or quality

Chastisement – To reprimand severely

Solicitude – Caring for someone else

Brazen – bold without shame

Acquiesced – To agree with something without protest

A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer

Custodian – A person with the responsibility to care for someone or something

Scalding – Extremely hot

Porcelain – White ceramic china

Regurgitated – Vomited food

Ammonia – A colorless gas

Remorse – To regret something

Quota – A limited amount of people or things

Futile – Pointless actions

Submerged – The cause of something to be under water

Morbid – Something abnormal

Deteriorated – Something becoming progressively worse

Vibrant – Full of life

Etched – Engraved

Periodically – A magazine or newspaper published regularly on a schedule

Elated – To make someone very happy

Primus – A brand of portable cooking stove

Devoid – Entirely lacking

Cisterns – A tank to store water

Admonitory – Giving a warning

Furtively – To pretend not to notice

Festooned – A chain of flowers

Perjury – Lying on purpose

Air Head by Meg Cabot

Ergo – Therefore

Verbatim – The exact same words used before

Libelous – Containing libel

Platonic – Associated with the ideas of the Greek Philosopher Plato

Gyrating – To move rapidly in a circle

Promenade – A paved public walk

Balefully – Threatening or menacing

Copiously – Abundant in quantity

Owlish – Like an owl

Parched – To become dry through intensive heat

Weaning – Accustom to food other than milk

Socialites – A person famous and very social

Curlicue – The design of an object

Careened – To move swiftly in an uncontrolled way

Sublime – Of great beauty

Bouffant – A style of hair that stands out from the head in a round shape

Jovially – Joyful and friendly

Unduly – To an unwarranted degree

Derisively – Expressing ridicule

Ferocity – The quality of being ferocious

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Acrid – strong and sharp, as a taste

amitya state of friendship and cordiality

antagonisticcharacterized by antipathy

aptitude – inherent ability

blurt – utter impulsively

candor – the quality of being honest and straightforward

dauntless – invulnerable to fear or intimidation

demeanor – the way a person behaves toward other people

divergent – tending to move apart in different directions

duress – compulsory force or threat

erudite – having or showing profound knowledge

exodus – a journey by a group to escape from a hostile environment

Faction – A dissenting clique

Hurtle – Move with or as if with a rushing sound

Jostle – Make one’s way by pushing

Pang – A sudden sharp feeling

Placid – Free from disturbance by heavy waves

Precariously – In a manner affording no ease or reassurance 

Reprimand – An act or expression of criticism

Resonate – Sound with resonance

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Deviant – Departing from the norm

Biometric – Pertaining to biometry

Preliminary – Preceding and leading up to the main part

Injunction – A command; order

Dissident – A person who differs in sentiment or opinion

Illicit – Not legally permitted or authorized

Nullify – To deprive (something) of value or effectiveness

Filial – Of, relating to, or befitting a son or daughter

Perpetual – Lasting an indefinitely long time

Code Name Komiko by Naomi Paul

Boisterous – Noisy or energetic

Asymmetry – Lack of equality/symmetry

Marquee – Chiefly/mainly

Revulsion – A sense of disgust/loathing

Berate – To scold or criticize

Assimilate – To understand fully

Morbidly – Abnormal interest in unpleasant subjects

Excise – A tax levied on certain goods produced or sold within a country

Gesticulations – A dramatic gesture

Lull – Calm or send to sleep

Placidly – Calm and peaceful

Necessitates – Make something necessary

Reprisal – an act of retaliation

Interminable – endless or apparently endless

Diatribe – a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something

Impeccably – in accordance with the highest standards; faultless

Buoyed – an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards

Benevolent – well meaning and kindly

Piqued – a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one’s pride

Vigilant – keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties

Emblazoned – conspicuously inscribe or display a design on

Convened – come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble

Inconspicuous – not clearly visible or attracting attention

Pursuers – a person or thing that pursues another

Mired – a stretch of swampy or boggy ground

Tantamount – equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as

Squalid – extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect

Rife – (especially of something undesirable) of common occurrence

Transients – lasting only for a short time

Futile – incapable of producing any useful result

Excursion – a short journey or trip

Unrelenting – not yielding in strength, severity, or determination

Hemming and hawing – being indecisive

Opulent – ostentatiously costly and luxurious

Derisively – expressing contempt or ridicule

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

incredulous – not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving

insouciant – marked by unconcern

ottoman – a low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person

malice – feeling a need to see others suffer

dismal – causing dejection

Litany – a prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation
mundane – found in the ordinary course of events

resent – feel bitter or indignant about

negligence – failure to act with the prudence of a reasonable person

revulsion – intense aversion
indignant – angered at something unjust or wrong

exasperated – greatly annoyed; out of patience
remorse – a feeling of deep regret, usually for some misdeed
folly – the trait of acting stupidly or rashly
hubris – overbearing pride or presumption

fastidious- giving careful attention to detail

abashed – feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious
obliterated – reduced to nothingness
ruminative – deeply or seriously thoughtful
vacant – without an occupant or incumbent

precipice – a very steep cliff

convulsive – affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions

descent – a movement downward
hostile – characterised by enmity or ill will
ascent – a movement upward

The Borden Murders by Sarah Miller

Gallantly – Brave; heroic

Astir – in a state of excited movement

Feeble – lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness

Deputize – temporarily act or speak on behalf of someone else

Splayed – thrust or spread

Reeled – a cylinder on which film, wire, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound

Succumb – fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force

Ministrations – the provision of assistance or care

Bombarded – attacked

Probing – a blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body

Amiss – not quite right

Composure – the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself

Congestion – the state of being congested

Misgivings – a feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome or consequences of something

Invalid – a person made weak or disabled by illness or injury

Apt – appropriate or suitable in the circumstances

Trifling – unimportant or trivial

Idly – with no particular purpose, reason, or foundation

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Ferreting: to drive out or chase as though using a ferret, The part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body

Acrid: extremely or sharply stinging or bitter

Facility: moving, acting with ease

Premium: a reward or recompense for a particular act

Impacted: Pressed firmly together, in particular

Revulsion: A sense of disgust.

Trauma: A deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Dumbfounded: Greatly astonish or amaze

Dismissive: Feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration

Ordained: Make (someone) a priest or minister; confer holy orders on

Chiding: Scold or rebuke

Brazen: Bold and without shame.

Exodus: A mass departure of people, esp. emigrants.

Nihilistic: An extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence

Maniacal: wildly disordered

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Siege – Assault; attack

Teeming – Full of things; swarming

Interminable – Unending

Bleary – Blurred from sleep or fatigue; unclear

Lecherous – Suggestive; lustful

Ravings – Wild, delirious, or frenzied talking

Monopolize – To have complete possession of; to dominate

Prying – Looking at closely or curiously

Articulate – Distinct, fluent, meaningful, and clear in the power of speech

Affidavit – A written statement or declaration made under oath

Premonitions – Advance warnings of the future

Inferior – lower in station, rank, degree, or grade

Delectable – delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable

Foreboding – a prediction; portent

Quarreling – an angry dispute or altercation

Excruciating – extremely painful; causing intense suffering; unbearably distressing; torturing

Hostile – not friendly; warm, or generous; not hospitable

Cloddy – something of lesser dignity or value, as the body as contrasted with the soul

Impregnable – strong enough to resist or withstand attack; not to be taken by force, unconquerable

Posterity – succeeding or future generations collectively

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Lanky – tall and thin and having long slender limbs

Stern – Severe and unremitting in making demands

Glare – look at with a fixed gaze

Sneer – smile contemptuously

Defiantly – In a rebellious manner

Obstinate – marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

Incident – a single distinct event

Sabotage – a deliberate act of destruction or disruption

Impassive – having or revealing little emotion or sensibility

Suitable – worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse

Jubilee – a special anniversary or the celebration of it

Intricate – having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate

Ration – restrict the consumption of a relatively scarce commodity

Haughty – having or showing arrogant superiority to

Unruly – noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline

Glower – look angry or sullen as if to signal disapproval

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Quizlet #6

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Macbeth Quizlet 3

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Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

The Penguin’s main idea is that he should run the city, not Batman. His reasons are that Batman is bad and he is good.

He supports the idea that Batman is bad because he wears a mask, he conceals his past and whenever you see him he’s with criminals. He supports the idea that he is good because The Penguin is always surrounded by police ad good people.

Batman had said, “My fellow citizens, let me began by pointing out some inconsistencies…”

I find it unfair how The Penguin gets to start the debate because Batman is left defending himself but if Batman started the debate The Penguin would be left defending himself. Also, it is unfair how The Penguin cheated by not letting But it is fair how there’s a judge who not on either side and let’s both sides speak.

The Penguin spoke the most and although he was not rude he said no mud slinging but he did exactly that. I think Batman had the best manner because even though he disagreed with The Penguin he was calm and respectful.

ELog #1: Number the Stars

Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry


Retell: Ten year old Annemarie Johanson and her family are the average Danish family living during the War. But her best friend Ellen Rosen is Jewish so when the Nazis took over, Ellen has to pretend to be part of Annemarie’s family, she pretends to be Lise, Annemarie’s sister who died. The Nazis come and they don’t find anything so they go to Annemarie’s Uncle Henrik’s house. Peter, the boy who was going to get married to Lise, cam during the night with some more Jewish families. In the night, they go to Henrik’s boat because Sweden, the country free of Nazis was right across the water. Mr. Rosen was supposed to deliver a package to Henrik but didn’t get to so Annemarie did instead. Inside was a hankerchief that stopped the Nazis dogs from smelling the Jews. In the end they got safley to Sweden and Annemarie and her family went home, but Peter got killed and the War ended.

Relate: During my research I found that Sweden was a neutral country during the war, and that out of 8000 Danish Jews, only 150 were caught by the Nazis. Danish people saved the most Jews and treated them as equals. Also in a book I read that not only did Danes keep the Jews safe, but also did they keep their property safe. Annemarie kept Ellen’s necklace with David’s star on it.

Reflect: I think they should have made another book about after the war because that is also a very important time in history as well. They should have let Annemarie meet Ellen again too. But I didn’t like the book too much because the back says that Annemarie does sometihng very brave, and that got me really excited to read the book. But after I read it, to me nothing she did was that brave.

Paint Chip Poem

Arizona Sunset, Burnt Red and Rise N Shine are the colors of the autumn leaves of my backyard.

I remember hiding in the leaves. I remember the millions and trillions of hide and seek games with my sister.

And how it felt to have the temptation to scream out to the world where I was.

I can still hear the rustling of the leaves and my sister’s voice counting down from ten.

I can still se the sun shining down on me and the slight breeze on my cheeks.

I miss the fun and the laughs.

Arizona Sunset, Burnt Red and Rise N Shine are the colors of the autumn leaves of my backyard.