Grade 8 Reading

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For the “My First Conk” reading assesment I was happy on how I added an opinion, a quote and a “so what” for each question. I am happy with my work overall, but I feel I could have explained my So What more. I think I really improved from my last reading formative.

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Reading Summative Assessment

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I am proud of my work overall but to get an EE, I could have gone into more detail and written more.


Reading Formative November 26

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Reading Summative Semester 1 2015

Overall, I am happy with my work because I got an ME, but I could have added more detail to try for an EE.

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February 18, 2016

8 Traits of Conversation

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April 21, 2016

Everything Has Its Cost

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I think I did well on this project. My video was just the right amount of time and I think I connected the two books and the real life event together well. However, I could have spoken more clearly, and I didn’t include my opinion in the last paragraph.



April 29, 2016

The Outsiders BrainFrame

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I think I did well on this assignment. For each event, I added many details, and I ordered the events in the correct order. Overall, I achieved a meeting expectations, so I am pleased with my work.


Reading Assessment (Read Theory)

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Reading Formative (Read Theory)

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NewsEla Summative

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Shakespeare 400 Day

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