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  1. Karan G says:

    3D Map Project Reflection


    Please answer in complete sentences.

    How effectively do you think you followed the directions of this project?

    I think we followed it quite well because we made all the features of the map and put it in the correct place. We also labelled the places correctly but the map was quite messy so that was a minor problem.

    How effectively did you develop a plan for building the map?

    We didn’t do an effective plan but some people thought through what to get and all worked out well but there was no planning due to stress and pressure on some people.

    How effectively did you use your in-class time?

    We didn’t use our time effectively in the planning but we used it well in the making of the map. The only problem was that we left too many scraps and had to do a major clean up after.

    What are you most proud of about your map?

    I am most proud of the way we managed to overcome the task of keeping the jelly in one place. I also like how we stretched our minds beyond jelly and into sugar and chocolate.

    Were the strategies, skills and procedures you used effective for this assignment?

    I think the strategies we used for this assignment would be AE because we spent too much time arguing over who gets what. In the end everyone got something that was used. We got the project done but some of us didn’t know what to bring, so we brought in something that could have been useful.

    Have you learned from any disappointments or successes from your project?

    The disappointments are that a few times people got too stressed out because they didn’t understand what was going on because we did not explain properly what is going on. We need to fix it and make sure everything is well and people know stuff.

    Has there been a problem or situation related to your project that you feel needs to be discussed further?

    I think that there is no problem that needs to be further discussed.

    When you make the stop-motion movie part of the project, what do you think will make it a MEETING EXPECTATIONS movie that other students could learn from?

    I think that the stop motion has to contain pictures of every move you do so that it makes sense. The stop motion needs to be fluent and not skip anything. There should be some explanation at the beginning to show what this is about.

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