Shang Dynasty Chariot

The chariot was the key part of the Shang Dynasty since it was a technologically advanced in the military. The chariot was a large and fast vehicle that could only be used in battle by the generals and warriors. It could fit three people and had massive wheels. This means that the Shang Dynasty were very powerful and scholarly. That meant that they could advance in technology much more than other civs. The chariot allowed the Shang Dynasty to move faster during war. This meant that they could reach their enemies faster than they could reach them. They could also kill from higher altitude than their enemies. That is why the chariot was important to the Shang Dynasty.

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    What about how this artifact tells us about the other aspects of a civ?

    Write a solid paragraph about one of these artifacts that explains clearly WHAT the artifact is and WHAT the artifact reveals about the GOVERNMENT, SOCIAL STRUCTURE, RELIGION, WRITING, ARTS, and/or TECHNOLOGY of the Shang.

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