Over Scheduling Essay

Students of all ages today are finding themselves running a marathon after school each day. Unfortunately, this race has few winners. Too many activities after school for students has sparked a debate on whether not over scheduling is harming students. Many students enjoy the opportunities for additional classes their parents arrange for them and claim that keeping a busy schedule will be worth it in the future. However, students face many challenges with a schedule that leaves them with only a few hours a week of down time. Over scheduling doesn’t harm students because it helps them deal with stress, make them have better time management skills, and food management.

Over scheduling is not harming kids because they can deal with stress. When they get older and have to do something long and hard, in a short time. The idea of dealing with stress is very helpful because then you can do things under pressure. The better you are at doing that the more successful you will be in life. It is true that if you are not used to stress than this a lot of work for you to be able to take stress. This is why we need to deal with stress.

Over scheduling will help with time management skills. If you don’t have much time to do your homework you will do it faster and faster. You will learn never to procrastinate and waste time. You will do all your work on time once you learn this skill. You will have free time if your schedule calms down. This will also depend on how much homework you get. That is why it is so important for us.

Over scheduling helps you with food management so that you don’t eat too much junk food. If you have less time you will eat less and therefore less junk food. The more time you have the more junk you can eat. You will usually dislike eating fruits and vegetables so you will eat junk food. That is why it is okay to be overscheduled.

From how much time they have to do their homework, over scheduled students learn time management. From the amount they are busy, they learn to deal with stress management and because of the time they could be out of the house, they learn food management. By letting your kids have a childhood full of learning important skills, they will have a better adulthood.

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  1. Tom B says:


    You make your point very concisely in this essay, but I think your readers will ask HOW a busy schedule helps someone deal with stress or improve their food and time management skills. Also, I don’t see where you state the opposing view points in your body paragraphs.

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