Programming a peer and tying shoelaces

We were asked to program a peer to get multiple hkis shields around the room. My partner was programming me, so he wrote the program. We were successful because the spot that we started in had many shields so it was easy to get them as they were so dense. We encountered a problem when we realised that we needed to communicate to the “robot” to reach out to get the shields. Although this wasn’t too much of a problem, it would still take time to get the shields, time that we didn’t have. Another problem we encountered ¬†was when we were one step short of getting something, causing us to not get the fourth shield, which would have meant winning. We could improvise on the spot better.


Tying a shoelace: In this activity we had to figure out how to tell a robot how to tie a shoelace. I think that we did it in a good amount of steps which was 5. I think that we could have done it more clearly and in less steps. When we tried out the program that we made, we had to make some changes because it wasn’t clear enough. I think that this taught me a good lesson about testing the program.

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