Making a backpack

HS students at HKIS are generally not satisfied with their bags so we created backpacks with style and comfort. Our initial design was different from our final design. We were initially going to put many pockets and padding on the back. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to even put straps on our backpack, so it would be a waste of time to think about the padding. We also couldn’t put multiple compartments because we were using cardboard so it was difficult. The idea that we had was when we thought of putting straps on the backpack. One of my group mates went to get something and he came back with string for the straps. I was excited because I thought that we would finally have straps in the bag, but unfortunately they didn’t work.We were stuck on making the straps because nothing we were doing was working. In the end we decided to just let the person who buys the backpack use tape to stick the backpack onto them.We didn’t meet our partners needs because we did not manage to do what the design wanted us to do. We ended up doing the exact opposite of the point of the backpack, therefore not meeting their needs.IMG_4213 IMG_4214 IMG_4216 IMG_4219

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