Python Lesson 3 Reflection

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In lesson 3 we learnt about concatenations, which is ¬†putting two strings together to form a word. this actually wasn’t too difficult because all it required was a plus sign and it was finished. I was able to do this using a print ¬†function, two variables and an addition sign. We also learned about if, elifs and else which come in handy when giving options for user input. The elif command is useful when giving more that two options. It allows for more specific options other than this or that. I also learned about for and while loops and when to use them. For loops are used when someone wants to use specific sets of data for a certain outcome, but while loops are when someone wants to use everything in a set of data of a certain outcome. For loops give an outcome for each piece of data that holds true for the statement, but a while loop gives an outcome if the statement holds true for all pieces of data.

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