Questionnaire findings

We made an initial questionnaire asking students about problems that they have found in various fields. We inquired what they disliked in the school facilities, as well as stress and various academic areas. A very prominent problem that we could see is that many students did not like the IF system, as many did not have the time and motivation to do it. They suggested removing IF’s, and/or making PE a non-graded subject. However, we came to the conclusion that these suggestions really weren’t appropriate for a programming project, so we moved on to the second most prominent problem, stress. We knew that many people were stressed because of their homework, but many teachers are unaware of this issue. We created a questionnaire for students and teachers to find out what was stressing students the most, and whether teachers were aware of the stress of students. We found out that many students are stressed out by math and humanities. We also found out that teachers think that their students take 30 mins to 1 hour for the homework in their classes. Some solutions that teachers suggested were that homework could be on paper so that students do not get distracted by technology, but that is the opposite of what we need so it doesn’t really help. To relieve their own stress, students suggested that teachers need to be more attentive towards students stress levels. They also suggested more in depth lectures, or more practice, as well as less homework. Many of these solutions are unfortunately inappropriate for such a project so they aren’t very helpful, however, they do give an idea of what kind of deserters students are looking for.

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