Blown to Bits reflection

The chapter was about how data is represented and the problems that it can pose. At the beginning it listed out 3-4 instances where data was thought to be hidden but could actually easily be revealed, and this was due to a lack of education. It talked about lossy and lossless compression, as well as how lossless compression maintains same quality but smaller file size. It also talks about how the internet works including the various different protocols and services. It was interesting to read about the fact that different companies had different computing protocols and how the current ones emerged out of the Berkeley Unix operating system. The chapter also talked about cryptography and hiding messages in plain sight, with one way being typing white letters on a white background and printing that onto black paper. I found it very interesting when the chapter talked about how deleted files can still be seen. The research done on what is still on a flash drive even after it has been cleaned was a very interesting research topic and I am interested to find out how to properly sanitise a flash drive.

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