How can data be represented?

  1. Data can be represented in binary, pixels, text.
  2. a.  in this picture I compressed the image from a jpeg into a much lower resolution tif file. This lower res tif file, was 15 times bigger than the original jpeg. Then I compressed the tif file into a jpg file of even worse resolution, and it was still far larger than the original.


Sampling rate is the bitrate that sound is sampled at.


MP3: Most popular audio format.




FLAC (Free lossless audio compression)

ALAC (Apple lossless audio codec)

AIFF (Audio Interchange File format)

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format)



Frequency × bit depth × channels = bit rate.

2 d.  A codec is a decoder that converts digital signals into analogue signals. It decodes the digital signal for playback.

Lossy compression: This type of compression will lose some quality and have a far smaller file size. Mostly, whatever is lost, is generally not perceivable by humans.

Lossless compression: This type of compression does not lose quality but does have a smaller file size.

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