Card Trick Reflection

Card trick video:




The three tricks I focused on were bringing the card to the top, three piles trick and the spelling card trick.

The reason that I didn’t choose the spelling card trick was because it was too complicated for me to learn in one evening, considering I had other homework to do. It also seemed like a very difficult card trick because of all the looking at the cards and the counting involved in it. It also seemed like the algorithm was complicated.

I didn’t choose bringing the card to the top because it didn’t seem like it would wow anyone. It also seemed like it needed a lot of practice to be able to pick up 2 cards at once. Although it was an easy algorithm, I still needed a lot of practice.

I ended up choosing the three piles trick because it seemed like it was the only one that would wow people and still be simple. This trick really didn’t involve any sleight of hand and really only had easy rules to follow. The algorithm of this was also simple.

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