SS Reflection on Key concepts

I learned a lot about prejudice and the different forms it can take on. My classmates all presented on different types of prejudice, but many of them were to do with racism or not being able to speak cantonese in Hong Kong. I was really inspired by the one about. At the beginning of the unit, I thought that prejudice was only to do with race, but that was far from it. I learnt that prejudice is to do with anything that can let someone prejudge you. Mostly it is your appearance (not only race) but it can also be about how you speak. Race shapes the way we see ourselves and others by making us think that one person is more superior than another. For example, people today might think that black people are more inferior than the white people. Race can influence the choices we make in many ways because if someone seems to be of an “inferior” race, then we might try to avoid them or be mean to them. If we were the inferior race we might try to seem more self confident and we might rebel against the more superior race to try and become the superior race. The problem though is that this is all in you mind so it can only be distinguished if your mind thinks so.

SS Blog Post


What would you do differently next time?


I will write more notes for my tests in the future so that I can keep information in my head. During chapter 8 I didn’t do so well in the multiple choice even though I took notes. I don’t know what happened, but on the chapters I didn’t take notes on, I did the best on them.

CYOA Reflection

I think that Rohan and I did a good job. Our plan was good and made sense. We had to shange some parts because some didn’t make sense. We needed to work on it more because some parts were a little short, but most of it was okay. My partenership worked better because we had clear I deas of what we were going to do. Both of us worked on it. We both did the parts that we were supposed to so that no one had a problem. Our story was interesting with a twist at the end. There are many pages. Overall ME.

End of Year Reflection


1. I improved as a mathematician because I can solve harder problems and connect them to other problems.

2. I am better at mathematical thinking because I get more complicated concepts.

3. I understand problems more than before. I am quite precise in my answers, even to the third or fourth decimal. I need to improve on my modelling.



1.I know many concepts now and can put them to use in life now.


Greek Temple Making

I think that we were well prepared for building the temple. We had a clear idea of what we were bringing and what others were bringing. Our design was totally different. I think that we cooperated well. The ideas that people were getting were great. Using brownies for a base, to a crepe for the roof. Rice Krispies for the frieze didn’t really work because the group member who was supposed to get them didn’t come to school. I did my part like I was supposed to.


I think that our final temple was okay. It was starting to get a little weak but held up well. We worked well as a team. We had all the things that we needed and we decided on. The licorice was a nice treat to eat and also worked well on our temple. We used the licorice to hold the pillars together. The roof was a bit heavy. It was kind of a bummer that instead of making a crepe like one of the group members was supposed to, he brought spring roll wraps that no one ate.

Self Reflection CYOA

I think my CYOA gets a ME because the topic was about the Shang Dynasty and we wrote possible things about it. I realised that I needed to make more time for me to do more work, but overall I did 4 pages so I think I did well. I hope that this is an april fools joke, but sadly it isn’t. Anyway, I think that my teammates did well too. They reminded me to work on the CYOA because I couldn’t make time. Finally, I found time to do it so I worked on it for 1 hour.

Research Post

My Question: How did they make viscose?


Keywords Used to Search: Viscose, Viscose Fabric Material, how viscose is made, viscose raw material, viscose creation, 


What I Found Out: I couldn’t find what I was looking for.


Reflection about how I approached my research and what I found out: I need to think more about my keywords and what I look into. I looked into wikipedia and there was tough language and vocabulary in there.