PBL Final Reflection

I saw many strengths in leadership during the PBL project. For example, we got work done productively because I was telling everyone their jobs and how they should do them. I said things such as: “I work on the cardboard body and the stability while Jacob and Kai built and designed and build circuits.” I understand I was occasionally a bit strict, and even though I wasn’t in charge, the group did as I asked and followed my ideas and I appreciate it. It’s not that we did not share ideas, but we used most of my ideas.

Collaboration and teamwork is important for problem solving because when one brain can’t solve something, multiple brains can help. For example, when we were building the head of the skull, it didn’t work. I would just grab another piece of cardbord and redo the entire body. However, Jacob, Kai and myself pointed out the mistakes, and we were eventually successful.

I enjoyed the Big Bang Theory video where they were designing an app; it was similar to our group. However, unlike Sheldon, I was a good leader. Sheldon was offering ideas and was disrespecting other’s ideas. I respected and listened to others, and offered good idea