How can Data be Represented

I was able to do PDF, Jpeg, TIF and PNG.

The resolution size is 1072 by 720 pixels for png, jpeg and tif but it is different for the PDF file.

PDF is 105 kilobytes, the PNG file is 779 kilobytes and the jpeg is 101 kilobytes and the Tiff file is 2.3 megabytes.

The reason the PNG file is so large is because it make the image into multiple layer whilst jpeg and pdf is only one layer. TIFF files are so large because there is no compression of the image when it is saved.

You can’t compress a jpeg to a tiff because a jpeg has already lost it’s quality because it is a jpeg, but you can convert a tiff to a jpeg because a tiff already has its quality.

I found out that pdf are the smallest image files and that tiff are the largest image files and that png files are larger than jpeg and PDF files. gateway-arch


Sampling is the rate of which the data is converts from a signal to digital form.

Lossy audio is MP3, WMA

Lossless formats are WAV, FLAC and M4a

The number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network.

Frequency × bit depth × channels = bit rate


Codec: A digital program used to encode or decode digital data or signals.

Videos that can be used for different devices:


Original video:

New video:

I changed the video size from 6.5 MB to 1.1 MB. So I shrunk it by almost 6 times its original size.



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