Card Trick Algorithm – APCSP

APCSP Card Trick:




Citations for other card tricks:

wikiHow. “How to Perform a Card Trick Using Math.” WikiHow, WikiHow, 25 Sept. 2017,

There are lots of different card tricks on this website but I only looked at the first one, I didn’t choose it because it was too hard and complicated it was hard for me to understand. At first I tried to learn it but I kept messing up.

“Math Card Tricks.”,

Again this website had a lot of different card tricks but I only looked at the top one which is called the AweSum 10. Again this card trick was very complicated so I decided to do a different card trick.

Mobc, and Instructables. “How to Do a Cool and Simple Card Trick.”, Instructables, 1 Dec. 2017,

This card trick was good but I had to choose between the one I did and this one and I choose the one I did because the one I did made the audience think behind the trick more and it was less complicated than this one.

Red-Black Card Trick.” Red-Black Card Trick — Math Fun Facts,

This is the card trick I eventually picked. I picked this crd trick because it is really interesting and it involves simple yet hard to figure out math. I explain this card trick in my algorithm. The reason why there will always be the same amount of red cards as black cards in opposite decks is because the when you split the pile into two decks the red and black cards will always be the same because you are simply subtracting the same remaining red cards and black cards. The website I linked here explains the math behind this trick in depth.




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