Final Project AP Computer Science Principles

I created a questionnaire asking people if they thought my would be useful these are the responses (link to these images are below blog had an error when I dragged images in).

As you can see by my survey results there is a problem with people being organised.

List of what my client wants:


Testing Document:

Video Explaining my code and showing how my app works:

I can’t put comments into my code since I am using app inventor and app inventor doesn’t allow you to put in comments so I walk the view through the code in this video.


Challenges I faced and how I overcame them:

It was hard to incorporate the timer I used many different functions app inventor has to offer such as a list picker, time picker and a tiny db. However I did further research and found out about the clock function. I was able to incorporate the clock function into my code as the timer.

How I achieved Success:

I was able to accomplish what my client wanted. My code has a to do list feature where you can check things off. It alerts the user when a task has taken too long. I even put a timer so it tells the user how long they have been working on the task.

What I can improve on:

I think making my app more ascetically pleasing adding images and such. Maybe making buttons a certain colour would also make the code more ascetically pleasing.

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