Parent Conference Reflection

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I need to improve on a couple of things in LA. My reading is behind this semester because I am not reading 30 minutes every night however I have changed this by reading a book worth three books since parent conference. My word wall is behind as well but for this semester I am now caught due to my plan of setting an alarm for my reading and word wall. I will work on fixing these things by continuing what I am improving on and still set the alarms so the only reason for me not doing it is me just not doing it. My writing can also be improved such as punctuation and grammar I am going to work on this by doing more noredink so I can improve on this. One of the things that came up during LA and other subjects is raising my hand more this has always been a problem for me but I think if I do this I can improve a lot in LA.

Final Book Club Reflection


Book Club Video


I thought my strengths of the book club meeting was that I was very respectful on others opinion and others thoughts about the book. I was also very prepared for the book club meeting with the correct chapters read and lots of sticky notes inserted into the book. The book club taught me to read more, I do read 30 minutes a night but I am a very slow reader, book clubs have deadlines so it taught me to read longer and therefore getting me more engaged into the book. Some improvements that I had to do is have a better reading habit at the end of the book, on the three day weekend I only read for one day and I had to read 10 chapters next time I am going not doing to let that happen. On the Sunday on the three day weekend I had to read the rest of the book which was 10 chapters, I had basically done the assignment last minute I am not going to let this happen again and finish a book of time. I also thought that I needed to speak up a little bit more during book clubs because usually I would the one who talked least. I really liked the people in my group (Alp and Matthew) we would always agree on the chapters we would read that night and when one of us needed help or didn’t understand something we would help that person. Overall I loved the book because of the subject and the character’s personalities I like but I thought the ending was rushed and there was not a lot of detail the climax seemed to be 3 chapters from the end, other than that I loved the book.


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I got behind on my reading log and wonder word post in quarter one so in quarter 2 I am going to focus on the reading log and wonder words wall. My goal is to read a book every week so I will not fall behind and also have a more organised system for writing down the words I don’t know.


Writing Goal

I need to work on making a story more interesting and maybe make it more action packed. My stories have not been good, I have forgotten to look at the rubric when writing a story. This quarter I am going when writing a narrative I am going to look at the rubric so I know what I need to do to get a ME.

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Goals Q4

Reading Goal: My goal is to read 30 min a night at least because sometimes I don’t keep on top of that to fix this I will set an alarm to tell me when to read. I have done a lot of my word wall however i think I can improve this because I am behind on a couple of books. My proof for this I will log this in my planner when done.


Writing Goal: My goal is to fix up my grammar and punctuation, I will accomplish this by practicing on Noredink and try to do so every day. I am going to show proof for this by logging this in my planner when done with it.


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Grade 8 Writing

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I thought I did pretty good on the narrative formative, although I got an AE+ it was just a formative so I have plenty of learning to do but I am on the right track.

One of my challenges was trying to make the story interesting and word choice I thought that my story could have been more interesting and my word choice could have been better.


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Writing Summative: On my persuasive essay on why guns should be banned in America I did well on making my points clear, I need to work on spelling and citing my sources in my essay an mis spelled a lot of words.

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Reading Post

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First Reading Formative

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Second reading formative

I was pleased that this was a formative.

Some of my challenges on this were understanding the story and its significance , I could not really see the significance the story had. I had a terrible time using quotes I only gave my thought and no supporting evidence in the answers at all.

Third reading Formative

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I did really well on this Formative some of the questions I was able to write some good detail on how I felt about the topic.


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I did good on this reading summative, I was able to accomplish my goal of getting an ME on the summative. This summative was very tricky because of the content and it was very confusing but I was again able to accomplish my goal.

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I thought I did pretty well on my EHIC video, I discussed the right topics and my summaries were on par. The things I think I could have improved was my speaking. I was using filler words like um or uhh. I could have also made my opinion more clear in the video, I should have said I think for my opinion. Sometimes I was not as fluent with my speech.

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I did well on The Outsiders brain frame. I got an ME on it however I could done better on the details on the end. Thats is the one improvement I thought I could have done on my brain frame. Overall I agree with the ME grade and I thought I did good overall. Some challenging things were remembering things from the beginning of the books because sometimes it is not always clear.

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Wonder Words Wall

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Nazi Hunters:

Orthodox: following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.

Sphinx-like: difficult to interpret or understand; inscrutable.

Dilapidated: (of a building or object) in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect.

Swastikas: an ancient symbol in the form of an equal-armed cross with each arm continued at a right angle, used (in clockwise form) as the emblem of the German Nazi party.


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The Giver


The time when a kid in the giver changes it is puberty but called differently in the giver.


in every case or on every occasion; always.


the state or situation of being alone.


a sudden involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement.


a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.


(of a material) able to soak up liquid easily.


gather into a crowd or mass.


move lightly and quickly or hurriedly.


a conductor through which electricity enters or leaves an object, substance, or region.


a herbaceous plant or small shrub of a genus that comprises the cranesbills and their relatives. Geraniums bear a long, narrow fruit that is said to be shaped like the bill of a crane.

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Blood of Olympus 


Definition of cynocephalus. 1 plural cynocephali : a dogheaded being:a : one of a fabled race of dogheaded menb : baboon.


  1. an instrument used to make astronomical measurements, typically of the altitudes of celestial bodies, and in navigation for calculating latitude, before the development of the sextant.
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Elog -Number the Stars

Book: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Pages Read: Last Chapter

Retell: Annemarie is now older and has not seen her friend Ellen in years the war is finally over now and her younger sister Kristi is now 7.

Relate: This is a very sad story because she never sees Ellen again and has to move on. I can relate to this because in the Once series Felix loses lots of friends on the way like Zelda and at the end of the book when he finally finds his mom she dies within three days.

Reflect: I wonder what Annemarie and her family will do now, Will they go to America just in case there is another war or will they  stay in Europe but I hope Ellen will have a good life and no more challenges.