Final Reflection for HK Refugee Sculpture

1. Photos

IMG_3502 IMG_3501 IMG_3505 (2) IMG_3504 IMG_3504 (3)


2. Who is my structure made for?

My Structure is made for the refugees in Hong Kong. The apartments have one way glass in the front and at the top solar panel glass. The apartment complex will include a school and a supermarket. The apartment complex will also offer jobs to the refugees such as teachers, security guard and cashiers. The apartment complex will house refugees on the top part of the structure.

3. What ideas and inspirations helped shape your design?

When I was thinking of what type of building to make for I decided to make a building that was similar to a building in Hong Kong but a little different. The difference is the base, the base of the structure is different than the top of the structure. The base of the structure is wider and bigger than the top. The reason being is that the base houses the school and the supermarket and the top of the building on houses the apartments.

4. Where will my building be built?

My building would be built Kowloon by the airport so if the refugees needed to go somewhere fast they could. Also Kowloon is in between the airport and Hong Kong Island so if they needed to go to the island it could be easy. Also Kowloon has more space than Hong Kong island it also has more space than Lantau Island.

5. Why is your building relevant?

My building has many benefits to live in it such as a supermarket, grocery store and a school. Also the apartment uses clean energy by using see through solar panels. Also the building has a pool. The building provides security, a structure and electricity with air conditioning.

6. How does your building address beauty?

My structure has a curved design in the front with glass. It also has a pool around the structure with a glass roof. The glass in the front is one way glass. By doing this the structure looks like luxury home instead of a refugee home.

7. What element are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the glass in the front. The reason I am most proud of that is because the glass in the front is curved and was very hard to line up since it was curved. My partner and I worked very hard not to make a bulge in the centre of the glass.

8. What design elements need improvement?

I think the top part of my structure needs improvement since the sides of the top are not even. Also because we could not use a normal roof we had to use a glass roof for it since it was uneven.

9. In your opinion how important is architecture?

Architecture is very important, architecture can make a building stand out or look very bad. Architecture represents cultures and monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty since that structure has very precise architecture, because of this the Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognized and loved structures.

Sketch Blog Post

Photo on 6-4-16 at 9.47 am #2Photo on 6-4-16 at 9.48 am


Who is this for?

This is mainly used by the middle schoolers and there are multiple basketball courts because you may just want to play with your friends. The playground in the background is for the lower primary to use and there are boxes filled with blocks for the lower primary.

What is the design

The design around it is bowl shaped. The amphitheater is flat with basketball courts and a playground. To get out of the amphitheater you either have to go up the back stairs or go up the stairs that are seats. The Amphitheater is at the bottom of the school and can be seen from above.

Where is it?

This at HKIS Middle School. This is the last floor in the Middle School. You can see this from above. The amphitheater is in the Middle School because it is entertainment for the Middle school students and the Lower Primary.

Why was it made?

This was made for entertainment for the Middle school students but now it also entertains the lower primary students.

Final Book Art Reflection

Photo on 9-3-16 at 9.30 amPhoto on 9-3-16 at 9.36 am Photo on 9-3-16 at 9.36 am #2 Photo on 9-3-16 at 9.36 am #3


For my book art I incorporated some parts of the title because I felt like the title incorporated some perfect things from the book. Like the quote I put on my art which days “He is the only one who is holding us back.” The circular balls are mean’t to represent the rubble from the war because in the book there has been a war between the sorcerers, wizards and seeks and the war as been going on for 200 years. The black sculpture in the background is  wand to represent the wizards and sorcerers and The Seek word in the front is mean’t to represent the seeks. The Seek picture in the front was taken of the title, I wanted the The Seek picture and the wand to be on opposite sides since they are at war. The paint on it is brown and black to also represent war and the affects of war. I used brown with black because I wanted to represent the dirt and the environmental affects since there is no green for vegetation. The black is supposed to represent explosions from the war and the impact from the war.

In-Progress Book Project

Photo on 29-2-16 at 9.32 am #2

1. I am carving some of the book and also incorporated some of the title in art also I made my own wand because the book incorporates wizards.

2.  My Ideas are original because I am incorporating stuff from the cover.

3. My Craftsmanship is pretty good it may look messy but it is suppose to be like that because it is about war.

3 Unique Examples of Book Art


1. I found this book art on google images and I think it is unique because I saw nothing like this book art. The cave I think is really unique because it represents a book well.


2. I found this book carved out with what looks  like a door to a new civilisation. I found this unique because of the work put into the craving of this book, I found this book on google images.


3. I found this book and it looks like it was carved from the inside to show words of the book maybe the words are the words that represent the book. I found this on google images.

Creative Coil Pots Reflection Sculpture

How have you chosen to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in your coil pot? Explain with examples.

My coil pot represents my life because there are lots of obstacles in my coil pot like the clay balls that I put into my pot. The clay balls represent problems,obstacles and problems I have had in my life. The clay that is rolled up represents the good times in life and the times that has been going smoothly for me. The pot itself represents my whole life and the middle part where there is a whole represents something missing in my life. The clay cylinders also represent stuff ending in my life like childhood, end of a school year etc.

How is your coil pot different from your lantern? Give 3 explanations.

My coil pot is different because it represents my life and the fun time and difficult times in my life. The lantern was a different structure in my coil pot my lantern was round and was just clay no shapes or cylinders. My lantern had cut outs in it to reflect light and my coil pot is not designed to do that.  My lanturn is mean’t to be used to reflect on my life and my accomplishments it is meant to be a placeholder for a candle.

What improvements could you make to your work?

I think that I could add some more design features and maybe make the coil pot bigger. The coil pots base was not built well and the structure was getting skinner and skinner when it went up.

Sketchbook Blog

I made a sketchbook from scratch. I think the sketchbook represent my artistic image and me because the sketchbook is messy like me.

The purpose of my sketchbook is to plan, sketch and create new ideas.

A mass produced sketchbook is much worse for the environment because there is so much wasted paper, I think my sketchbook represent me more.

I tieing on my sketchbook wasn’t good but I think it represents my image of being messy and unorganized.




Easter Island Heads

I found the Easter Island head so interesting because they were built on a remote island in the South Pacific by South America. The island is 3,600 miles from Chile and it is hard to believe that people built those structures 700 years ago when they had to row from South America. I like



The Great Sphinx of Giza

I like this sculpture because of its size and mystery nobody know what it inside the sculpture.