Reflection Post

During the last couple of lessons I have learned a lot. I now have a more clear definition of prejudice, before I knew what it mean’t but I was confused by it. I learned a lot about Racism, Prejudice, Stereotypes and identity. I knew that people judged you on your race but I did not know that people this common judged you on your race. I did know that lots of people in Hong Kong are Racist like some of the Taxi drivers, I partly knew this because Matt know Cantonese and he tells me when a taxi driver is saying stuff about me. I learned some things from my classmates presentations, I learned that racism goes on way more than I previously thought especially in Hong Kong. My idea changed a lot know I fell more competent on what is going on in the world with racism. Race makes us look at ourselves and makes us stereotype our race and say that I have to be like the others in my race. Race makes us look at others and instantly stereotype them based on their skin. Our choices we make is sometimes based on race, you may feel inclined to do something others from your race is doing because of a stereotype associated with your race. My idea about race at the start of the unit have changed since then, I use to think that race was not made up but know I realise that is not made up and that it was invented by humans. I learned that a lot of people are prejudice toward some races in the world, that is not their own race. I also learned that society will take your race and put it into your identity even though race should not be about your identity. My perspective on Stereotypes have not changed much, however I did learn that people back in the 1800s and before really believed in stereotypes. Back in the 1800s people used to make shows mocking African Americans by stereotyping them because of their race. Race makes us look at others and instantly judge them based on their skin color or even surname. I learned that racism happens to people of all race not matter if your black or white. I learned that people have been way more racist in the past than I previously thought like the shows were they mock African Americans, I found this very disturbing because it would be scary watching hat show and especially if you were African American. I thought that humanity has moved on from racism and that my case was very rare but no, there were many different cases of racism occurring it is sad really. Race was invented by humans which is true it is just hard warp my head around that, it is a very complicated once you think about it because how could we have invented race it seems right just odd. If there was no such thing as race then we would not judge people by their skin or make laws preventing them to do one thing and others doing another thing. The last couple lessons taught me a lot of the world around me and racism in the past and now.