Building a Backpack

Was you initial design the same or different than your final design?

Our final design was just a little bit different than the initial idea, the main problem was that we did not have to much time also we did not have the materials needed to make a good backpack. Our initials design had more pockets on the outside and our final product has on pocket.

Where did you get stuck?

We got stuck on figuring out how to make the straps for the backpack since it would have taken too long to make since we only had 30 mins

What was you best idea?

I think my best idea was the pocket on the outside since you can put stuff in it without the items you put in the pocket falling out.

What can improve about your backpack?

I think the straps can improve since it was hard to put them on and the backpack would just fall to the floor every time   you put the straps on.


IMG_4221 IMG_4213

Programming a peer

1. What were you asked to do?

I was asked to write a program for my partner, the program was supposed to guide him while blind folded to collect dragon emblems around the room.

2. What was most successful?

We were able to collect three out our four target emblems and we missed the fourth by a little bit.

3. What problems did you encounter?

When grabbing the fourth emblem I was reaching to far backward and when I reached forward and a different group grabbed right before we had a chance too.

4. What can improve your technique?

Maybe if we added one extra step to get the last dragon emblem we would have been in a better position to grab it.


Shoe Lace activity 

  1. Overlap lace over the other creating an X
  2. Move the overlapping lace under the other lace
  3. Tighten
  4. Make a loop with the left shoe lace.
  5. Go around the loop with the right shoe lace and go under the second loop you just made
  6. Hold the left loop and the right loop tighten

Our code worked at it was only six steps and there was a minimum requirement of four steps there fore we were only two steps off of having a minimum amount of steps.


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