PBL final reflection

My strengths on the PBL project was that I was the one who was good at building and keeping the group working. One of my other strengths were that I could keep the group on task and I was the one who held the group all together. Collaboration is important on this project because if you don’t collaborate then you won’t get anything done and you will just argue back then. It is also important because if you don’t collaborate then you will never get along with those people again. Simply if you didn’t use collaboration in the group you would not get anything done. I liked the Madagascar penguins video the because they had planned it so perfectly and they used teamwork perfectly. Also when unexpected things happened then they reacted quickly to solve it. The Penguins also did not argue on what to do they just did it like that one penguin who and to pretend to be a died animal then all the tourists were taking picture of it he did not argue about doing this he just did it.