CodeAcademy: Today I was able to complete unit 4 and 5 for learning python as with the new update units 4 and 5 are all about functions, lists, and dictionaries when unit 6 doesn’t cover any of that. I am quite upset about my progress today. I was hoping to get ahead and breeze through today’s work but I managed to do the complete opposite today. It took me just about all day to get through the units in code academy. I kept getting extremely frustrated as there would be small syntax errors I wouldn’t know how to fix and the hints wouldn’t help. After repeatedly trying to revise my codes I had no choice but to give up as none of my solutions were working. I did get close though. I ended up getting extremely angry with one activity I had to do as I was able to write the code exactly, but the only thing that ended up being wrong was a word I decided to use. If you look at the images below the first one is what I had written. The assignment is under “Instructions” in the second image, for reference. Comparing the two images, the only difference between the two is that I decided to use the word “price” instead of “cost”, probably adding another hour or two to my workload.

this is just a mere example though as this happened numerous times. I’m finding this process extremely frustrating although I am trying to patiently work through it.

Dice Challenge: In terms of the daily challenge, this was both a success and a failure. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m simply just not absorbing the material taught in code academy, or if I’m just not covering the correct material because I also had an extremely difficult time writing this up. Using outside information from the internet I was able to use different resources to create a code for the specific requirements of this challenge. After many many many attempts I was able to end up with something that seems correct (not sure though). 

I was able to define the variable dice without any parameters and return a number from 1 to 6, although it doesn’t display the first number rolled, nor did I use proper “return” syntax. I defined two dice and created the variable “diceSum” which was the total values of the rolled dice pair. The downside of needing to use resources from online is not completely understanding whats going on though. I used “random.range()” input to equate to the “diceSum” and I’m honestly not quite sure what that means. Then I set the code to print a question asking the user to guess a value they think they rolled. Based on their guess, they would either get a “Correct!” or an “Incorrect!” proceeding with the answer of what each dice displayed and what the calculated total was aka the correct answer. In the end, it was still able to work even though I may have approached the problem in an unconventional way.

I think I am finding this process too frustrating not because I’m not putting enough time into the work—as I definitely am—but maybe because I’m just not absorbing the information fully in CodeAcademy. I think tomorrow I am going to take detailed handwritten notes so that I can look back and review examples as I’m doing the daily challenge so that my ideas are organized. Personally, because I’m so new to this, for me it has been like writing an essay in greek, for example. This language is something I’ve not only never worked with, but its something that I have to see for the first time too: not only syntax but with putting it all together too. This is also why I may not be the best at explaining what is going on, but forgive me I’m still learning!

I decided today to talk about my struggles as a failure. I did this because I see it as my goal of time management not being met or improved. I also now see another goal I need to set, which is to pay closer attention to the CodeAcademy lessons and take note of every detail as this is clearly a requirement for beginners. It goes to show that beginners need to put a little bit more effort to kick-start the coding and programming journey, but it’s not something I want to give up.

SuccessAs I said earlier, I still label this as a success. This is because I know this entire lengthy process is allowing me to slowly improve, and no longer be a baby when it comes to my knowledge of programming. Although I may not have had a lengthy list of successes today, like I did yesterday, I still could tomorrow!

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