Calendar Challenge: Today I feel pretty confident in my work. I wrote programed Calendar to be able to view events, add events, update events, and exit the program as you choose. Here in the video—I added the video to be able to view the entire program—I added the event “Dad’s Birthday” and then proceeded to update it to “Dad’s 52nd Birthday” to his actual 52nd birthday, September 9th, 2018. I also viewed my, one, event and ended the program by exiting. I found today to be a complete success as I was able to end up with a working program!


I was able to complete my code academy work successfully as well and I’m really happy with my work.

Failures: Honestly, I didn’t really have any failures with today’s work. It didn’t take me any less time than yesterdays work, having to complete many many attempts but today wasn’t as frustrating because I just got through it. I attempted to take better notes but I had a hard time figuring out what specifically and how much I should write. I am going to try again tomorrow but I think that this notes goal might have been the biggest failure of the day. Noted, that will be the main thing I work on tomorrow.

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