Daily Challenge: Today, I would classify my work on the daily challenge as a success yet I had some complications. As I am only used to working with JavaScript in CodeAcademy I had never used it outside. Therefore, when doing this challenge I didn’t know where to start. I searched through a bunch of tutorials on where and how I could write my JavaScript code and ended up on Sublime after a good recommendation from a friend but I had a few complications again even after that. I wrote my entire code first on python, it ran, and everything worked! On the JavaScript code, I wrote it completely and could see any syntax errors or anything—I even added the headers to the script—but, one, I didn’t know how to run the code and, two, once I figured it out didn’t know how to approach the syntax error when the program was saying that <!DOCTYPE> was an error… In the end, I decided to label that as the failure of the day but overall am proud of my work as I believe that I’m really coming far!

Code Academy: Today, although taking me a while, I was able to fully complete both lessons in CodeAcademy for learning python as well as JavaScript. I had trouble, again, managing my time getting through it all, but it was worth it as I found it helped me with the daily challenge.  Tomorrow I aim to get everything done in less time.


As I mentioned above the big failure of today was the fact that I could get my JavaScript program to run:(( BUT i’m going to keep working on it and I will have a solution in the near future!!

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