I found today to be a huge success! I think today was really a breakthrough moment for me as I was really able to apply the skills I learned through making something that wasn’t too frustratingly challenging but manageable.

Python Challenge: Going through the lesson on CodeAcademy really helped me set up the encryption/decryption program I created. Although I knew how to set it up, I had a hard time getting it to work as the first time I ran the program it wouldn’t register the commands to initiate the encrypt/decrypt function. It would keep repeating the question until I exited the code. It wouldn’t even display the funny exit message. Based on this I had to go back and make some few adjustments and to my surprise, they worked!!! I honestly don’t know how I managed to get through the entire challenge rather quickly and I’m really happy how I’m advancing with this course. I feel like I’m really being challenged but at the same time achieving my goals. As for the python program, here’s what I came up with.

Essentially I used the word false—it was the first word that came to mind—and used my encryption code to encrypt the message. Then using that code I copied it and told the program to run the decrypter and input the code there. It then resulted with the same message I put in ending up in a total success!! To exit, in the end, input 0 and it displayed “K bye loser!” for some laughs as this program is awesome so why would you ever wanna exit it!!

Car Auction Challenge: For me, this was a bit trickier but in the end, I figured it out. I had to get some help from outside sources and learn some new things as I’ve never really worked with Google Scripts before. Here’s a video of the result… enjoy:)

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