Final Project: Blog post #1

Today is the beginning of the prototype phase of my final project. In my Pecha Kucha, I talked about the empathize, and Define, but I will summarize my points here for organization sake.

Empathize: For the first stage of brainstorming, I decided to ask some of my peers as to what kinds of text-based adventure games they would enjoy playing. Due to the fact that text-based adventure games are based on a central storyline, I could imagine wanting to play an intriguing and interesting game with a compelling story. Not having many backgrounds on playing my text-based games, I asked some friends to see what they thought. Overall, they said that they would most likely prefer to play a game that is action-packed, with a fun and entertaining plot, has lots of different outcomes, unexpected twists, nothing too cliche, but with a fantastical journey that can be explored in the mind. How was I going to create a game with all of these things? Well, first off I tried to categorize the types of games that already exist. I came up with a few big ones. Space games, pirate games, save the princess games, and war games or fighting games. I thought a space game would be fun, but I didn’t want to make it too cliche in the sense that all you do is save a planet from dangerous aliens or you meet another life form or discover a planet or something like that. I kept the space idea in mind when coming up with stories though. Then thinking about pirate games, I remembered stories like Pirates of the Caribbean and thought how much fun those stories were. Personally, I’d be really keen to play a game with a similar adventure story to Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones, but I didn’t want to go too cliche again with the concepts of discovering a lost city, finding stolen jewels, discovering lost and buried treasure, stuff like that. I didn’t want to make a ‘save the princess’ game like Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong, as these were clearly too cliche. Especially something that involved slaying a dragon to save the princess locked at the top of a tower… This is what brought me to the define phase.

Define: In the define phase this is where I began to list ideas of where I wanted to go with my story. I didn’t hold back here as I thought any dumb ideas would bring me to a brilliant one eventually. Even starting off with some pretty cliche ideas, I do have to admit, I wrote any idea that came to mind. From there, I began eliminating the bad ideas, ones that were either too broad or too cliche to expand on. After that, I was left with three pretty solid ideas and I decided to write a blurb for each of them as if they were produced and needed a description for an audience. Here’s what I came up with:

I went from this:

To this:

To this (I edited it more after I had taken a photo): 

Then drafted some blurbs;

From these, I think I might go with the third idea because I can really make this an adventure with some twists.

Prototyping: From this entire brainstorming process I have started drafting my code. Obviously, I won’t be able to get the entire first draft in one go as I need to lay more of a framework but I am also going to start with making a basic framework model, then a pseudocode to make it easier to write out. Essentially, I’ve started but I’m not done…

What’s the next step? What I want to be able to do next is fully write the code for the game. I would also like to have made a framework diagram as well as pseudocode for this to make it easier, but I haven’t ever worked with a pseudocode before as for the weekend project I simply used the framework diagram to write the code.

In conclusion, I think I’m on a good path to completing this assignment, I’m just not sure yet of the speed bumps I might face. I know this is going to be a huge challenge for me, but I hope to power through the challenges and create something in the end that I can be proud of! The design process here has really helped me lay out the steps in which I need to complete in order to get to a central idea I’m then going to use and branch off of. I am really hopeful for this and am keen to produce a game that no ones ever played before, that keeps them compelled and interested, and that makes them want to keep playing!

Stay tuned for more updates…!

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