Final Project: Blog post #2

Define: Since the empathize step is done, I already know what I want to create. I decided to use my option 3 story of the mission moon landing and change it up some more. Instead of gather parts to escape to the moon, because this isn’t very ideal as I don’t really know the parts to a rocket or anything, I decided to change the story so that it simply takes place in a house. You are trapped in a house with a zombie and you can’t find the key to get out. Due to the threat of zombies roaming around your lock doesn’t unlock without the key, even inside the house. You have to try to run away from the zombie, while at the same time try to find the key to get out of the house. That’s where I’m at right now as for the story-line, but I was thinking about adding a part after getting out of the house; trying to get help to be safe from the zombies. Maybe find a friend or an abandoned RV to seek refuge. Not sure how I want the story to progress. More progress will be made once I’m at that point.

Prototype: Today, I got started on my prototype for the draft of my game. I wanted to incorporate functions, loops, and variables so here are some of the things I did. I wanted to keep it simple and define some functions. Then I created While loops within those functions as I gave the player two options after each scenario. Therefore, they could either choose the correct answer, or they die and get eaten by the zombie. I decided to keep it really simple to limit huge issues. This way, my program is very organized and I know how it should progress. It’s not too complicated yet it’s easy to understand yet ties together well, in my opinion. As of right now, I have eight steps completed. I would really like to have fifteen done before tomorrow. I’m not sure how many steps I would like to have as it truly depends on the progression of the story. I think I am pretty much done with the prototyping phase as I have gone on to test my code and everything has worked from here.

Test: As for the testing phase, all my tests thus far have been successful. Heres a screenshot to see. Thus far, if you follow the story correctly, you will complete and win the game; but if you make one wrong move, you will die and you have to start all over again… Here are some pictures of the code I have so far. And a small test run.


Whats the next step? For the next step, I have to get the code done. Once that is done, I  still need to figure out where I’m going to add the text file. After that I am going to perfect my code, debugging it for errors and analyzing it side by side next to the rubric as I really would love to get an A on this as that is what I’m aiming for. While I’m doing this I need to update my pseudocode as well as my flowchart to plan everything out and make writing the code a whole lot easier.

That’s about it! More updates tomorrow 🙂


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