Final Project: Blog post #3

Prototype: Today I was able to completely finish the prototyping phase as I now have the final product of my game. I have 13 different functions with the individual while loops within each function to prompt the user to select an “A” or “B” option. I’ve included a text-based file that should be opened in order to give you a hint to complete the game by using …

file = open("text file.txt", "r")

This finally brought me to my final step of the design thinking process where I began my first tests of the complete code.


Here’s a screenshot of a little bit of the game (I don’t want to give away too much)!


I was also able to complete my flowchart and pseudocode of which helped me finish the game as well. Here’s a peek at them both:

final project pseudocode

Next steps? Honestly, I feel like I don’t have too many next steps. Specifically just write my final blog posts and have a screen recording of my final game to be ready to turn it in. It has gone pretty well and I’m proud of my progress!

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