CIA-Alex_Edwards-Final Post

Text Based Adventure Game: Final Reflection

Design Thinking Process:  I would like to refer to the design thinking process when taking a big look at how my end result came to be. From empathize to prototype, all the details are in my final project blog posts 1, 2 and 3.




Test: For my final test process I had to debug the code for any issues and go through it and make sure all the correct answers accurately made the game progress. In the end, it worked! I didn’t have to make many changes to the game as it had already worked pretty well.


Here’s a run through of the entire game start to finish:


Personally, I am extremely proud of my progress in this course. This final project I feel is a good end result. It was a huge challenge but I was able to perform the skills I learned through these intense two weeks. Although it may not be perfect I’m proud of how it ended up. I would really like to point that I am not the best writer. I really am not a good writer at all. My explanation of imagery definitely needs work but I thought it would be more of the code that counts. In the end, I think that the story ended up being kinda funny, unlike other games I’ve ever played. I think that it definitely isn’t expected or too cliche! I also think I ended up reaching all of my goals for this assignment and in the course.


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