CIA-Alex_Edwards-Weekend Project

For this project, I was able to plan it all own with a flowchart. Here it is:


This was actually my second draft as I started off with something a bit messier and all over the place. The disorganization didn’t really help with the writing of the code so I decided to start over… Here’s what I started off with:

As well as this, here is the pseudocode I used for my plan as well:

weekend project pseudocode

As for a final fun of the code here is a stop walkthrough of each step.


Overall, I decided to take inspiration from my final project—the text-based adventure game—as this was the more familiar to me. This outline I knew how to write and make it flow and overall I’m really proud of the outcome. In the code, I was able to utilize while loops as well as using different functions and variables. Although it took longer than expected I’m really pleased with the outcome as well as how far I have come in this course. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the design process as it helped me begin with a plan and use that plan to build something that would be more readily tested. Again, I’m really happy with how it ended up and overall my outcome in this course and the outcome of this project as well as all my other creations.


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