Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

1. What is The Penguin’s main idea? What are his reasons?

His main idea is that he should be the ruler of Gotham city. His reasons are that batman is always with criminals and surrounded by the police.


2. What evidence does he use to support his reasons?

His evidence is that whenever you see batman in the newspaper, every picture he is in he is with criminals.


3. How does Batman start his rebuttal? (When two people debate, one of them makes an argument, followed by a rebuttal from the other person. The rebuttal basically states, “No, you’re wrong, and this is why.”)

He calmly pointed out in inconsistencies in The Penguin’s argument. He started off by saying, “Let me start off with some inconsistencies.”


4. What kind of tactics to you think are fair or unfair in debating, based on this example?

Obstructing the opposition so that they can’t present their argument is an unfair tactic because the voters won’t be able to hear both sides of the story. A fair tactic is being able to present your argument as strongly as possible and also trying to make the opposition argument look as week as possible.


5. Who seems to have the best manner? Why? 

I think Batman had a better manner because he was calm, logical and rational while The Penguin was agitated illogical and irrational.