Causes of Problems

1) The oatmeal in our original plan was too big and wouldn’t flow through the tube we used for the small intestine easily without getting stuck

2) showing mastication by pulling strings connected to vampire teeth was harder than we though to do because we couldn’t place the teeth properly to hold still but still be able to move the jaw up and down.

3) using a pulley method to bring the stool through the large intestine was too detailed and too difficult to design and build properly and connecting the movement from moving up to over to down was an even bugger challenge

4) once we tried our new idea with the large intestine the ball would get stuck at the duodenum because we wouldn’t pull it over the small intestine tube without touching and moving it physically

5) the lower esophageal sphincter was made out of paper and the baking soda wouldn’t go into the stomach but behind and in front of it because it wasn’t sealed properly because it was made from paper

6) Blowing the chyme through the small intestine wouldn’t work either because we had sealant blocking the bottom of the tube to catch what was left over. We tried poking a small hole in the sealant because we thought that the air would push the cyme through the small intestine and that the air would release out the hole but because it was so small it wouldn’t cause any leaks.