Photo on 2-9-14 at 9.48 AM

I made my sketchbook by taking two pieces of card and placing them a couple centimeters apart and then putting masking tape as a binder. Next, I took 15 pieces of A3 paper and folded them in half so that they fit into the covers. Then, I lined them all up and put a clip there to hold it in place. I marked every three centimeters down the center of the middle of the book and then took a hammer and nail and punched holes into it. Then, I took a needle and thread and sewed it by going forwards one and backwards two. The benefits of making my own sketchbook is that I can personalize it any way I want and I can change it to make it easier for the things that I need to use it for.If I could change one thing about the construction of my sketchbook, I would use my duct tape instead of the masking tape because my duct tape would make it more colorful but also more sturdy.

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