MINP: September #1: Meltdown

Climax – Connect with the Protagonist


In Hunger, by Michael Grant, Sam Temple had taken up a leadership role as Mayor of the FAYZ after chaos broke out when all the adults in Perdido Beach disappeared. I think that I am similar in some ways but also different in others. I have also taken up many leadership roles, like Sam, but have jumped to take it instead of having it forced on me, which is one of our differences.

An example of when Michael Grant showed that Sam was changing was on page 436:

“And Sam…well, Sam wasn’t acting like Sam.

Sam looked like a zombie listening to Quinn and Albert’s confession last night.

And then, this morning, Bug told his story. It was every kind of bad news rolled into one shamefaced confession after another, and Sam had just stared.”

This shows that Sam was changing because at the beginning of the book, he was always well put together and strong and new just what to do and would act on it. He was the person to go to if you had a problem, and he would fix it. But the pressure of all of the chaos and problems and death in the FAYZ had eventually put too much weight on him and he broke down.

This also shows that I am similar to same because in stressful situations, it gets really hard to stay positive and not to just break down, which is what happens sometimes. For example, sometimes I have a lot of homework and important tests coming up and I just can’t find the time to get it all done, or I get stuck on something really hard and I also get really stressed out and just stop doing anything for a while, which is basically how Sam was acting at the climax of the story. There was too much stress and pressure on him, so he gave up and had to stop.

MLA: Grant, Michael. Chapter Thirty-fourGone. New York: HarperTeen, 2008. 436. Print.

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