SML Reflection

Has your project change since the beginning? If so, how?

At the beginning, my project was more focused on the sewing part because I really wanted to be able to create standardized sizes so that I could actually sell my clothes. My project has changed over time, though, and now I am more focused on the business part (creating the website).

What are you proud of so far?

I am ver proud of my website because although it is no where close to done, it has definitely come a long way. I was able to figure out how to add in my own clothing, photos, etc. and it is already looking great.

Do you feel creative when doing SML? If so, What are the conditions that help you be creative?

I do feel creative when I am making clothes because I can design whatever I want and then I get to actually figure out how to make it, which is really fun and creative. Something that helps me be creative is looking at other people’s work because I can get inspiration and go on to design my own thing.

Can you show any specific examples of your learning?

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What have you learned about yourself as a learner?

I learned that I like to learn new things by trial and error. Like I said before, one of the ways that I figured out how Wix worked and how to create my website was by trying the different buttons. Also, when I make my clothes, if I don’t really know how to do something, I either search it up or most likely just try it myself and see if I can get it right.

How do you learn best? Does the structure of SML help? Or is the structure frustrating for you?

I think that the structure of SML frustrates me a little bit because there are so many forms that we have to fill out and there are so many expectations that we have instead of it just being an hour of class every week where we just get to research/work on whatever interests us without having to worry about grades or deadlines.

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