U1: EQ: How Do Poets and Poetry Invite Us to See, Feel, and Experience the World?

Through poetry, people are able to be vulnerable and share intimate experiences or feelings with their audience. Poetry is different from most other writing in that it is almost always based on the poet’s own experiences and feelings, which they are able to share through a number of different modes and strategies. Some poetry writing techniques include imagery, similes, and allusions, among many many others. Poets use these writing techniques to convey their message and reveal things about themselves to their audience. Poets also use different tones in their poetry to create an atmosphere that helps the reader understand their attitude and feelings in the poem. Even the structure of the poem helps the poet share their experiences/feelings with the reader because it influences the way the poem is received. Every single choice that a poet makes, whether it is diction, tone, or structure, is made intentionally in the way that the poet believes will best help them share what they want to with the reader. Even when a poem seems to only breach the surface level of the poet’s experience, it still is written to reveal something about the poet to the audience.

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