S1: Final Reflection

  1. From my unit 1 and unit 2 portfolio, I think that my greatest achievement has been the Great Poets Teaching Project. I put a lot of effort into this project with research, annotations, and presentation preparation, which is clear from my supplemental documents. I am very proud of my project because I think that I got to know and understand my poet very well and I think that I presented my learning well.
  2. When looking back at my work, I find that something I can work to improve on is close reading and analysis. I think that I struggle especially with interpreting poetry because I haven’t had much exposure to it in the past and I find it hard sometimes to interpret the language and abstract concepts in poetry.
  3. For my process piece for my short story analysis on “The Yellow Wallpaper”, I had three drafts. I first approached this by starting off with the major themes and literary devices that I saw present in the story. From there, I chose a theme to work with and a literary method that the author conveyed that theme through and then I wrote the thesis. My first draft was mostly getting my ideas and the basic structure of my essay down. After I received peer feedback, I revised my first draft using their feedback to make it more organized and concise. I then went to see Mrs. Brayko, since I still wasn’t confident about the structure of my essay, and together we worked through how I could refine my essay to hit the targets that I wanted to and which structure would work best. Finally, I used my peer feedback and the ideas that I generated with Mrs. Brayko to write my final draft.
  4. When looking at my Mastery page on Schoology, I notice that I have done really well on my formatives (my mastery for all the formative competences are full marks), but these don’t translate to my summative grades on the same competencies. I also notice that the competency that I think I have to improve on the most is C2.
  5. Having reviewed the semester’s reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking, as well as my collaboration, creativity, and resilience, a goal I have for Semester 2 is to improve my close reading and analysis of passages/poetry for in-class writing and improve my timed essay writing skills.
  6. Something I would like my teacher to know is that I still have questions about my grades for the Dragon Notes project. I hope that we have time to discuss this during our portfolio meeting because there are some questions I have about my grades and the feedback we received.

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