S2: Final Reflection

  1. This semester, I think that my greatest achievement was the Q2 Hamlet Revision. I was really proud of this essay because when I looked at the passage the second time (which was also after having actually read through that part of the play, so I understood the context), I felt that I was able to really understand the nuances in the passage and put that into writing. I think that this paper is the best representation of my abilities to analyze and write about a passage.
  2. Looking back at my feedback throughout this year, I notice that something I should continue to work on is adding more commentary and analysis into my writing. With that being said, I can also see that I have improved a lot in this aspect from the beginning of the year to now.
  3. Considering most of second semester was virtual learning, I’d like to say that I kept up well with class material and was able to continue my learning and participation at a high level despite the challenges.
  4. When reviewing my goal for Semester 2, I can say that I was successful in improving my analysis of poetry and passages. This improvement is especially evident in my Q2 Revision (as mentioned above).
  5. How does literature get to the “heart of the matter”? I believe that all literature provides a commentary on the collective human experience in one way or another, regardless of what it is about. There are certain shared experiences that all people go through, certain truths that are universally agreed on, and certain concepts/ideas that are highly controversial and cannot be agreed upon. All of these themes can be considered the “heart of the matter”, and literature is simply a means for authors to share their beliefs regarding this or simply force the reader to consider an idea or perspective that they may not have before.