Handy Value Drawing

Photo on 8-10-14 at 9.32 AM

In this art work, I have one hand that is facing down, one hand that is facing up, and two hands grasping each other in the middle. I think that this art work say something about team work and helping one another, because the grasped hands in the middle are like helping someone up and the other two hands are slightly touching, which shows that they are trying to reach out to each other. In this drawing, I tried to make the two hands in the middle pop out the most because I felt like they had the most meaning. I think that my drawing was successful, because, like I said, I think that it has a very good message.


Wassily Kandinsky was born on December 16, 1866, in Moscow. In 1871, his family moved to Odessa, where his father ran his own tea factory. There, he learned how to play piano and cello and took drawing lessons with a coach. But his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, so in 1886, he went to Moscow to attend law school. He became an Associate Professor of Law Faculty and when he was 30, he was appointed professor of the Department of Law. But he decided not to continue as a lawyer and instead devoted his life to painting. He travelled around Europe and went to a private painting school in Munich but then moved on and travelled around painting. Kandinsky died in 1944.

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