Portrait Summative

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In the first picture, the compositional rules I applied were rule of lines (horizontal) and rule of patterns (the rocks). For the second and third photos, I used rule of space because in both pictures she is off to the side.

In the first one, the mood that I am trying to convey is depression or guilt, because she is lying on the floor with her hands covering her face, which could mean that she is sad and maybe crying or that she did something and regrets it. In the second picture, I am trying to show that she is deep in thought. This is shown because she has her head resting on her chin and she is looking off into space. In the third photo, I am trying to convey happiness and playfulness because she is smiling and building little rock towers, which is very childish and fun.

The three most important elements of these pictures are the person’s expression or body language, the lighting (in the second), and color. In the first photo, it was very clear by her body language what the mood I was trying to convey was because she was lying on the ground covering her face. In the second photo, her expression is kind of deep in thought, and she is looking off into space. In the second photo, the lighting is very important because she is looking towards to light. The color is also very important in the second photo because is shows that the environment suppose to be very still and not very bright and energetic. And it is black and white, which also suggests how the environment is suppose to be. In the third image, her expression shows playfulness and joy, meaning that she is happy. The lighting is also very bright, which also suggests happiness.

Photography Stories

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I think that the story behing this picture might be that the girl is living in poverty. Maybe she might have been treated poorly, and she is scared of other people.

The girl’s name is Sharbat Gula and she is Afghan. The picture was taken at a refugee camp in Pakistan. This picture was taken by Steve McCurry in 1984, and her picture was on the cover of National Geographic. 17 years later, Steve McCurry went back in search for her and found her and took another similar picture of her.

Hong Kong Protest Photo Interpertation

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This picture shows how there are so many people who are protesting and who care a lot about the democracy in Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.33.24 AM

This shows how even thought the police were using violence, the students were still being peaceful.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.30.34 AM

This shows that the students are really passionate about Hong Kong’s democracy because even though the police are being voilent and even arresting some of them, they are still persevering.