Final Self Portrait

I wasn’t able to get a picture of my self portrait, but I did finish it.

I selected this photo to use because I thought that I looked best in this photo, better than the others.I think that the most important aspect of my painting was the different shades. Although this was the hardest part for me, I think that it really brings out the painting and makes it look really cool. I think that this painting represents me because first of all, it is painted in purple, which is my favorite color. But it also has many great memories that I shared with many different people. For example, I have a picture from peak, I have one from my soccer team, I have a couple from summer camp, I have a couple from cotillion, I have a couple with my family and on vacation and many many more that show many people who have made a difference in my life. These pictures also show different sides of me. For example: the soccer picture shows my sporty side. The cotillion pictures show my feminine side. The pictures from summer camp show my playful side. I am very proud of the actual drawing itself because I think that it ended up looking a lot like me. The part that I found most challenging was mixing the shades properly. This is because I kept on making it either to dark or too light, and the paint always changed a little bit on the canvas after it dried. Also, I kept having to stop half way through one shade and then I would end up having to repaint the whole shade.

Research on Self Portrait artist

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I am going to write about the Saint Remy, by Vincent Van Gogh. He painted this with oil paint on a 65 by 54.5 cm canvas. He painted this in 1889.

This artwork was painted by Vincent Van Gogh. It is a self portrait of him that, like many of his other paintings, is made up of swirls. This painting was painted in Musee d’Orsay, Paris. This was painting was made in 1889. The significance of this timing is that he painted this right after the St. Remy asylum in July, 1889, meaning that he was still fighting his demons. He painted this by painting swirls in the background and on himself.