CK-12 Earth Text

One thing that I found interesting from reading the CK-12 Earth text was that Mt. Everest used to be submerged in water. I found this really interesting because Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth and I never would have thought it was possible that the ocean used to go up that high.

PBL progress report

Today we finished testing our model on a small scale. We are almost done with it, all we have to do is make it on a large scale. We want to try to make it automatic so that we won’t have to be there in order for it to work.

Our cooperation today was pretty good, there were some points were we disagreed but we worked it out. The whole time we were working together equally, not one person working more than the other. Here is a video:

We don’t need to bring in any materials next class because we have all the necessary materials at school already.

Some road blocks that we need to solve are how to make the model automatic (if possible), how to make sure the iron filings go all the way in instead of getting stuck, and how to transfer it to a larger scale and still look good.

PBL Materials

1. We are making a working model of the Immune system

2. I decided to o the immune system because I think that it is very interesting and I have also only learned a little bit about it and want to learn more

3. the materials are:

– 3 big glass jars

– 3 very small glass jars that fit into the big jars

– big butterfly clips

– indicator

– substance that triggers indicator

– 2 meters of string

– iron filings

– 2 big magnets

– 1 small magnet

– paint